Alli Diane Fashion Golden Goose Sneakers and some Dupes

Golden Goose Sneakers and some Dupes

















I love GG sneakers, although I do not personally own a pair yet. I  totally understand that spending $500 on a sneaker is not only kinda crazy, but it’s just not feasible for many of you.

SO! That’s why I’m bringing you these Golden Goose dupes. Now, I can’t speak to the quality or comfort on these dupes, but I can say they are a close match in terms of style. I mean, seriously – can you tell which is the real deal and which is the dupe above!? Pretty tough if you ask me! See above for both the high end and low end sneakers! And if you order the dupes, let me know in the comments how they look in real life! I’m curious to hear!

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