Alli Diane Fashion Best Candles I Have Found Yet!

Best Candles I Have Found Yet!

So my mom introduced me to GOOSE CREEK candles. She always has a candle burning at her house, and it always smells so good! The last time I visited though I couldn’t get over just how delicious this one candle in particular smelled. I can’t explain it, the fragrance scent is so accurate and the strength makes the scent linger through the whole house! Every time you walk into the living room it catches your attention . I just couldn’t resist hopping on the Goose Creek website and ordering some of my own. My favorite so far is the Sweet Banana Bread, but Hot Toddy smells amazing also. I did order wax melts in the scent Maple Butter, and honestly they almost make me hungry the scent is so authentic! Also, I have to add that these candles are made in the USA and aren’t made with any harmful or banned chemicals as most candles are. 

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