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My Newest Health Plan

This is my new supplement health plan that I am so excited about! This is Care/Of, and they help you create a health plan with vitamins, supplements, and more that are tailored to your health needs. I have been taking vitamins and supplements for a long time, but it can get a little annoying taking so many different ones sometimes. All you have to do with Care/Of is go to their website and take their online quiz that helps you to narrow down your main health concerns. They then ship your products to you!

The vitamins come in small packages easy to pull out of the box and take daily. I got the collagen powder that I literally get to use in my coffee each morning, and it basically replaces my creamer. It is vanilla oat flavor and tastes so delicious. I also got the on-the-go stress support quick sticks. These are some of my favs! As a single parent, I am always on the run, therefore I have anxiety at times, and this stuff works wonders at helping me unwind.  I have been taking my products for a couple of weeks, and I will say I definitely have noticed an improvement in my hair and skin. I have really been pleased, but I will keep you all updated on my results. As of today, I know they are offering 25% off! You all should give it a try! After all, your healthcare should be at the top of your list!!

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